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The Self in Brain Research

This essay is divided into three sections. The first one describes the process in which science progresses and why, based on the rules of this model, there has been a shift from psychoanalysis to behaviorism and from that school of thought to neuroscience. The second section compares the treatments derived from these three perspectives in terms of effect size, relapse, and long-term outcomes. The last division proposes a new paradigm shift, grounded in the pros and cons of each field, towards neuropsychoanalysis. As mentioned before, the first focus of this paper will be to describe the cycles, which elucidate how science develops throughout time, proposed by the physicist and historian Thomas Kuhn. He made a notable contribution in philosophy of science when he introduced the concept of paradigm shifts in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. This notion could be summarized as a cycle that science goes through composed of five steps: normal science, model drift, model cris…