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Movies and Psychology: "Side effects"

How Accurate is the Portrayal of Drugs in this Movie?
Let us be honest, the main protagonist is not Rooney Mara as Emily Taylor or Jude Law as Dr. Jonathan Banks. It's pharmaceutical drugs. They are constantly affecting directly and indirectly the lives of every character in the movie. If we take this into consideration an important question arises. Are drugs portrayed accurately in this film?
Could medication be dangerous?     Something in the movie that I found really interesting and that I covered before in this post: The Self in Brain Research ( is that The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did a review in 2004 of clinical trials and found that four percent of children and adolescents that took antidepressants experienced an increase in suicidal thinking and behavior compared to two percent of people who took a placebo. As a result, the FDA put a black box warning the following year in order to alert the c…