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A comparison between medication and therapy

Both forms of treatment seek the same result, for the patient to have a balanced mental life. However, both of them come with different pros and cons that allow the patients to decide what the best option would be for them. In the case of medication, one of them is side-effects. An example of this would be the outcome the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) obtained when they conducted a review in 2004. The results of the metanalysis suggested that, for children with major depressive disorder (MDD), antidepressants double the risk of suicide attempts (NIHM, n. d.) This is why antidepressants that are given to children have a black box as a warning signal, the black box warns parents about the worsening of other symptoms such as asocial activity and insomnia. However, this is not only limited to antidepressant medications, but rather to every form of drug therapy. An example of this is PTSD medication, which the side effects include convulsions, sudden loss of consciousness, loss of bl…