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Psychoanalysis as a Replacement of Ritalin

Psychoanalysis as a Replacement of Stimulants that are used as Treatment for ADHDThe purpose of this essay is to explore whether stimulant drugs should still be used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD) in children. In addition, if the answer to the question made before is no, then what would be the best alternative method of treatment for children with ADD? Before exploring the research regarding the use of stimulants, it is important to describe what ADD is and the drugs used to treat it. The DSM-V defines the disorder as “a repetitive pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development” (DSM-5, 2013). Unlike other disorders, like schizophrenia, which usually starts at early adulthood (schizophrenia, n. d.), ADD or ADHD begins in childhood. Research suggests that some drugs affect children differently compared to adults. For example, a study found that antidepressants double the risk of attempted suicide for children compared t…