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"What is Psychology?" - Introduction to Psychology (Part 1)

Psychology - What is it?Many people have heard the word psychology in movies or TV shows. Usually, the person representing the field is a clinical psychologist, which is someone who gives therapy. But is this all psychologists do? And would this mean that psychology is the field of mental help?

Definition The short answer for the questions above is no. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Why is it not the study of the mind? Well, since it is a science, all of its information has to be based on research and the mind has never been proven to exist. In fact, since the 1920s when the school of behaviorism arose only the study of behavior was used because it was the only thing that could be observed or study objectively. Then, in 1960, the cognitive revolution came and there was evidence of mental processes. But if there is evidence of mental processes wouldn't this mean that there is a mind? No, because a process is not proof of the existence of what we…