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Are there any Ethical Guidelines in Psychological Research?

EthicsEthics are norms of conduct. In terms of research, ethics are a set of rules that tell researchers what they should and shouldn't do. They exist because researchers might not be objective on whether a study might harm participants, among other things (McBride, 2010). Nuremberg CodeWhen the second world war ended, the Nuremberg Code was developed. This code, which was created after the horrible experiments done by the Nazis came to light, stated that researchers had to follow ten rules (Schuler, 1982).
1. Voluntary consent for participation in an experiment is required. 2. The research should yield fruitful results for the good of society. 3. The results should justify the methods of the study. 4. Researchers must avoid causing unnecessary harm. 5. If there is a priori reason to believe that harm would be a likely result, then the experiment should not be conducted.  6. The results should be more important than the risks.  7. The necessary precautions against harm shall be conducted.…