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Psychoanalytic Therapy

A comparison between psychoanalysis, medication, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The effectiveness of medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychoanalysis will be compared to each other in order to describe the most helpful form of treatment. Effectiveness is going to be measured by the effect sizes and the limitations of each treatment; success is going to be measured by relapse and remission rates as well as the increase or decrease of benefits over time and side effects.

The first form of treatment is with psychopharmacology. The article “Selective Publication of Antidepressant Trials and Its Influence on Apparent Efficacy” will provide the effect size and the number of positive and negative published and unpublished studies done by the FDA and it will compare the outcomes of studies done by journal articles that experiment with the same antidepressants.

 Turner, along with the other authors, looked at all registered FDA antidepressant studies between 1987 and 2004. They fou…